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Char has been a Psychic Intuitive for over 35 years. Char Margolis is the Real deal.
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November 2009
My trip to The Netherlands has been so special. We are gearing up to launch my new book and TV
how.The speaking event in The Netherlands was wonderful. Thank you for attending! I was so touched to receive your standing ovation!  You were an
amazing audience! My warmest Thanks!<br><br>I read for a woman today who had a reading with me 29 years ago. She said I gave her 
the initials of the man she
would marry. She married him 3 years later. She called to today because sadly he passed away. I was able to connect them once again. It is a privilege to do this work. I appreciate her trust in me.<br><br>Remember, your intuition will take you places logic never could. Remember to protect yourself with the white light

October   2009
It has been so rewarding taping my new Dutch shows this year. I am reading for families who lost loved ones in. Tragedies, such as the tsunami and Tenereef. It is so wonderful to see the haling that is happening. They are finding closure after so many years of pain. They know their deceased loved one is only a thought away.
While taping yesterday it was dark and raining. We met a family at a monument on the Dutch island of Texel. The sun came out when we got there and stayed until the taping was over. As soon as we were done it got dark and started raining again. The spirits opened the heavens for us.
I saw two rainbows yesterday! Double Good Luck!
Will be speaking Saturday evening for my big event in Holland. Looking forward to seeing my Dutch friends in person and connecting them with their loved ones on the other side.
I want to remind you to always listen to your intuition. It is your protection!
Take time and think about what you dreamt last night. There may be a message in it for you!

September  2009
I am so happy to be back in my adopted country of Holland! I was on live tv Sept.19th dancing "America" from West Side Story. It is for a charity called kiki. The money goes to kids who have cancer. It is for a great cause. I am not a dancer so it was a big challenge for me! They only gave us three rehearsals to learn the routine. I hurt my leg so I only had two rehearsals. The experience was really fun!
We began taping my new series Monday. "Char on the spot" is the translation from Dutch. I read for a couple families who lost their loved ones in the Tsunami. The spirits gave me first hand information of their experience and so much more. I am honored to be the messenger that connects the bridge of love to the spirit world. Thank you for trusting me!  
Some American friends came to visit me last weekend and sat in the audience to watch the dance show. It was so great to see them and have their support! We went on a ride through the canals of Amsterdam for his birthday. It was so much fun!

Char: Everyone's A Psychic~

Why Some Heed Those Inner Voices!

(CBS)  Char Margolis, author of Questions From Earth, Answers From Heaven, maintains that everyone can tap into so-called gut feelings and use them psychically.

To test her abilities, and to see how she teaches others to use their own, CBS New This Morning took Char to Grand Central Terminal in New York City for a few random readings. She was fairly accurate, too.

"I want to take away people's fear of death, let people know their loved ones are out there and their spirits are at times trying to send you messages and protect you," says Char.

When people "go with their guts," Char says,"they are listening to the universe."

"And I want people to know that the universe will tip you off, but only when you are aware of the tip-offs or how to feel them," she adds.

"Look, women call it intuition and men call it a gut feeling," she continues. "I saw something about millionaires on TV the other day, and all the businessmen said their success came from gut feelings."

She tells CBS News This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen that it is a universal gift. "I'm no different thanÂ…anyone else," says Char. "I believe that we should go to the highest consciousness, which is goodness, love and God. You then feel people's feelings and kind of feel their energy."

"Spirits on the other side are like your friends; they can give good and bad advice," she says. "So, you need to know what you are getting from them and why so that you can make sense of it to help you."

"They are not right all the time. A lot of that depends on the level the spirit is at, because there are negative energies out there, too."

Thoughts, she warns, are more powerful than most people realize.

"I am careful to never wish bad thoughts," she says. "The energy gets placed out there, and I firmly know that what goes around comes around. You have to have justice eventually."

Char says her philosophy does not center on religion. "This is about humanity and about how all of us are one,"she explains. "It is a sixth sense we all have."

This is Char Margolis on "LIVE." Char shocks Kelly Ripa on this the number one requested segment ever.

The Char Margolis story
Where do such intuitive messages come from? And why do I get them? As to "why me?"
I have no idea. From an early age I was able to pick up on other people's energy. When
I was four years old I came back from the grocery store and announced, "Mommy, the
lady cheated us!" It turned out the cashier had shortchanged my father. I saw my
first spirit at age eight, and by my teenage years I was advising my friends about
their relationships. For more click on CHAR MARGOLIS-HER STORY

Using Intuition, Logic and Common Sense to Make Your Best Choices

Every day, people are faced with countless decisions, from the trivial to the very important. Yet few are able to tap into the power of their intuition, that inner voice
that helps them make the wisest choices. Some people call it their gut feeling. It’s a
sixth sense that we all have, but few use it. Click on
 book for more

This is amazing video of Char Margolis: Psychic Intuitive.

To all my friends in the Netherlands, Thank you.

This will be the 11Th season of my show in your country of Holland. Words cannot express my appreciation for the warm welcome you have shown me. I look forward to the summers when I settle down in Holland for my TV shows. I appreciate that you have accepted me with open arms. You have been a great influence on me as well. Now and forever I will always feel a special connection with my Dutch friends.

Dr Phil and Char
Click Phil for more

"I'm a spiritual intuitive," explains Char Margolis. "I have been doing this for 30 years. A spiritual intuitive is someone who knows how to feel people's energy and read their energy and also communicate with the spirit world. Thoughts are given to me and I do my best to help other people prevent problems and attain goals in their lives. Once in a while I'll get a mental picture. Most of the time, I'll hear sounds in the name."

Char has even helped law enforcement agencies with some tough cases. "I think my prediction of the terrorism in the United States freaked me out the most. I told certain clients that I felt there was going to be terrorism in New York," she says.

Three ways to use your Psychic intuitive power. 
Trust your gut feeling you have the power

Are psychics the new therapists? Anecdotal evidence suggests that the numbers of people (mainly women) seeking out the guidance of psychics is on the rise. Karina Machado caught up with visiting US psychic Char Margolis, 55, author of Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven. 

What is a psychic intuitive? Is that different to a psychic?
Well, my goal is to teach people to listen to their intuition because the future could change at any moment, at any second, because of one person's choice or decision. The universe will tip us off when we're in the moment and we trust that instinct.

So why did you decide to write this book? 
I decided to write it because I felt it was something I was supposed to do and when I was done I had this peace of mind that I'd never felt in my whole life, it's like I left a legacy that people could learn from for eternity. My feeling is that the book has wisdom in it that can help people help themselves.

You had your first psychic experience when you were 2, when did you actually begin to help people and do readings? 
When I was in college. I got a degree in secondary education, my major was speech, my minor was English and during that time I met people who were involved in psychic things and I was obsessed with learning about it. I think part of it was because they were talking to ghosts and spirits and I was scared of going to bed alone and to this day, I have to close the closet door, and so it's like I think I was trying to conquer my fear as well. I read for somebody when I was in college and I was really good and I had an epiphany, I thought 'oh my god, this is what I'm supposed to do, this is my journey!' I always knew I had to do something special in my life and this is what it is, I knew it! And I've been relentless getting the work out.

What are the questions that people most frequently ask? 
People want to know about love, about their finances, about a loved one who's passed over and try to connect with them.

You have the ability to be able to read people at any time, any place. What's the most unusual situation in which you've read? 
I walked into a restaurant once and I'd looked across the room and there was a woman and I saw smoke coming out of her throat and I looked again and there wasn't any smoke and I was compelled to go up to her, and I rarely go up to people. I said, 'Hi, my name's Char, I'm a psychic, and I don't know if you believe in this or not but I just have to tell you something: your grandmother's worried that you're going to get throat cancer and I don't want to scare you but I'm compelled to tell you this.' She said, 'It's really strange you came up to me,' and she had the newspaper in front of her, and she said I was just going through the classified ads looking for a psychic, see I just circled the psychic's name. She had it right there, circled.

Are we all psychic to a certain degree? 
Everybody is. These people who think they're the only ones who are psychic and who put themselves on pedestals are full of it. I believe that everybody has a sixth sense, it's just learning to develop it and nurture it and use it.

What are the top three ways for us to begin doing that? 
No. 1 is you have to know you're psychic, you can't just believe it because in belief there's doubt-knowing means certainty-and you have to have what I call the four Cs: courage, confidence, commitment and then you'll conquer it. And to trust your gut feeling, trust the first thought that comes to you. When I do my workshops I literally have people reading like mad, it's amazing. It freaks me out, but it's great.

You say you frequently have to remind your clients that just because someone's dead doesn't mean they'll give you good advice. Why is it so important to remember this? 
Because spirits are like friends; they can give you good advice or bad advice.

What are the warning signs of a psychic that isn't all they claim to be? 
If you see somebody walking around with a huge ego, ego means Edging God Out, be careful of them.

You've helped the police and the FBI, is there a case you're most proud of? 
Years ago, Dean Martin's son was missing, and the family called Shirley Maclaine's office and her office referred me. He was missing for five days and I pointed to where he was and within two hours they found him. The captain called me that night and said 'you made a lot of sceptics into believers.'

You're good friends with John Edwards, is that right? 
Yes, I was on his show in New York a couple of weeks ago. [laughs] I'll show you. [pulls out her Blackberry and shows me all the emails from John.] We've become such good friends, we're always emailing and SMS-ing each other. We're gonna work together.

Why is your job satyisfying? 
Because every day I'm doing my best to help others when I'm reading and I know I'm helping, and it's good. It's good karma, it's good Charma. John and I call it Charma.

If you had to name the most important message from heaven that you had to communicate, what would it be? 
I would say that love is God and God is love and if everybody worked with love and compassion and caring for one another the world would be a much better place.


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