Departed Spirits - Lessons For The Living. 
Char Margolis
 A lifetime of Accomplishments!

Char Margolis is an American Psychic Intuitive. 
Her books include Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven and Life: 
A Spiritual Intuitive’s Collection of Inspirational Thoughts. Her new book 
Discover Your Inner Wisdom: Using Intuition, Logic and Common 
Sense To Make Your Best Choices was the number 1 best seller
 in The Netherlands and pushed the Di Vinci Code to #2 for the first time in two 
and half years. Char is one of the first legitimate psychics to present this 
subject matter to the public and has been respected as an authority in 
this work for over 30 years. She is a frequent guest on Larry King Live.

In a 1999 Char performed on a live TV Special "Char A Psychic for the 
New Millennium" where she predicted that in the new millennium the U.S. 
needed to watch for terrorism, chemical and biological warfare 
and our government better shape up our airports. This was a
 time when no one even thought about terrorist 
attacks in the U.S. She has declined to set up 
pay telephone lines and has turned down millions of dollars staying 
true to helping people. In her mission statement on she 
says her goal is to help people take away their fears. Fear of death by 
knowing we see our loved ones again when we "pass over to the spirit 
world" and fear of living by teaching people that we all have the gift of 
intuition that helps us prevent problems and attain goals in our lives.
It's not about predicting the future Char says; it is about the choices
we make along the way that mold our lives.

On the November 1, 2000 edition of Live with Regis, Margolis declared 
on the show that guest co-host Kelly Ripa was pregnant. Ripa was 
pregnant and hadn't told anyone. Shocked with the true statement she 
stated, "my bosses don't even know!” In the early 80's Regis Philbin gave 
Char her first notable opportunity on television and has been presenting her 
on his shows ever since. In fact, on the Regis and Kelly 20th anniversary 
special her segment predicting Kelly's pregnancy was voted #1 as viewer's 
choice for top 10 segments.

Many have said she makes skeptics into believers. In 1987, Char 
assisted Dean Martin and his family when their son Dean Paul Martin 
disappeared during an Air Force training flight. The Air Force searched 
for five days and found nothing. Within two hours of Char sharing 
her intuitive insights, the lost plane was found.

In March of 2006 Freemantle Media and Stuart Krasnow Productions 
produced a show on Sci Fi Channel called Psychic at Large, which 
started the trend of reality psychic shows on the air in the U.S.

In Psychic at Large, she drives around giving readings to people 
she has never met before.

In The Netherlands Char has her own primetime TV Show, Char het Medium, 
and a new series called CHAR on RTL 4. In the show, Char does readings 
in the studio and on locations. It consistently gets high ratings for the 
network and is in its 11th season.


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